AsturPlaya is Spain’s Best App for Sun&Beach 2014

January 27th, 2014

Asturplaya winner of AppTourismAwards 2014
This year’s FITUR expo brought us a well deserved (we say) prize that will give us the energy to continue developing and improving AsturPlaya.

ArtistBox wins Appcelerator DevChallenge

December 25th, 2013

We’re starting the new year with great news that we want to share with you guys and gals :)

ArtistBox album screen presentation

Artistbox just won Appcelerator’s Mobile DevChallenge, fighting against 13 of the best apps developed with Titanium Appcelerator.

Now, we’re back to work, making ArtistBox even more awesome!

ArtistBox v1.1 is FREE and ready for download!

December 20th, 2013

Buy albums with ArtistBox

This Christmas Santa comes with an iOS7 update for ArtistBox which is now also FREE!

Besides some minor bug fixing and code optimization we changed the interface to adopt some iOS7 goodies like the blur and the swipe-to-go-back. It looks way sexier now, give it a try!

Download ArtistBox and tell us what you think.

Asturplaya update is approved, download Asturplaya v1.1!

October 21st, 2013

Asturplaya v1.1 gallery showing the beach of Portiellu de San Martin

The summer is gone but that doesn’t mean we stopped thinking about the sea and the Asturian beaches, no no! Actually we were quite busy these days working on an update for our iPhone app, improving the user interface, fixing some typos and making it iOS7 friendly.

It’s now available in Appstore so feel free to update it and play with it!

We launched AsturPlaya and we’re off to the beach!

June 27th, 2013

Screenshot showing a gallery of images and the beach of Buelna, Llanes

…till the end of the summer! Ok, not quite till the end of the summer but we finally launched our tourism app and we’re so happy to tell everyone! We are really excited about it, we managed to gather (and recommend you) 218 beaches and coves so far and we hope we will gather even more. We have some more prepared for you but let’s see first how you like it!

It’s here! ArtistBox is here!

May 2nd, 2013

the artist page from ArtistBox, showing pictures, info, news about Black Sabbath

After 5 months and 1 day (precisely!) of work & fun, we finally reached this day: ArtistBox is in Appstore and you can finally download it and play with it. Tell us what you think, can we make it even better?

Working hard at the “playa”

April 29th, 2013

a screnshot from AsturPlaya, showing Barro, a beach in Asturias

No, we’re not on vacation and I’m not talking about a certain “playa”, I am talking about AsturPlaya, our next iPhone app. And no, we’re not insane to launch 2 apps in 2 months, we’ve been working at both in parallel… ok, we’re insane!

We are almost there with ArtistBox!

March 28th, 2013

ArtistBox splashscreen

ArtistBox is our latest baby iPhone app and we are proud to be able to present it to you …but not yet, we’re still polishing it!

ArtistBox is an iPhone music discovery application. It gathers all your favorite artists while also allowing you to discover new ones. It brings you all their albums, news, pictures, concerts and their biography so you can love them even more!

Funny ABC for Android

October 9th, 2012

Funny ABC icon

It was about time to come with news, I know we have been on radio silence for 3 months now – but Android is not an easy nut to crack and we wanted to make sure the app is stable before submitting it to Google Play.

We launched it now so feel free to download it, it’s free.

Funny ABC v2.0 and more app-news

June 29th, 2012

Funny ABC icon

I know we did not post any news lately but it’s only because we’ve been really busy – Dan working on the GroupTime app (have you noticed his portfolio is increasing constantly?) and me deciding it’s time to update our Funny ABC app cause it’s been a while since we launched it and and it was about time to improve the graphics and re-write the code to improve performance.