Bedtimes stories by Hans Christian Andersen – ebook for iPad

andersen books icon for ipadRborn team just launched a fairy tales book of Hans Christian Andersen under the name “Bedtime stories”. It is built as an iPad application available for download from Appstore.

The application has a beautiful and usable interface allowing the user to choose the font, the size of the text and to switch to night-mode for a better reading experience during the night. It saves your current reading position in real time so you can close the e-book at anytime and return to reading it later.

You can also check the application’s website, or you can read the review made by the Kids-apps team: Bedtime Stories by Hans Christian Andersen on

The books contains 8 chapters, some being long stories and some a collection of short stories. Here is a list of the chapters:

Chapter 1: 20 faimous stories

It contains the stories:
The screen containing the chapters of the book

  • In the nursery
  • Little tiny or Thumbelina
  • The beetle
  • The brave tin soldier
  • The daisy
  • The darning-needle
  • The elf on the rose
  • The emperor’s new clothes
  • The goblin and the huckster
  • The golden treasure
  • The happy family
  • The little match girl
  • The nightingale
  • The red shoes
  • The snow man
  • The snowdrop
  • The ugly duckling
  • The wicked prince
  • The wild swans
  • The wind’s tale

Bedtime stories for ipad

Chapter 2: The snow queen

A tale in 7 stories.

Chapter 3: The shoes of fortune

This one contains 6 sub-chapters.

Chapter 4: The ice maiden

This story contains 15 short subchapters.

Chapter 5: What the moon saw

Contains 33 “evenings”.

Chapter 6: The little mermaid

Chapter 7: The marsh king’s daughter

Chapter 8: A story from the sand dunes

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